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Why Group Training is the NEW Thing

With New Year’s here and resolutions abound, it’s time to kick things into gear. One of the easiest ways to ensure your fitness success? Group training.

While some imagine losing weight or getting swole to be straight treadmills and bench press, things have changed. Nowadays, there’s a number of great ways to get in shape while enjoying yourself. Going to the gym shouldn’t be akin to pulling teeth. 

Heck, you should enjoy your training! That’s what makes group training so great. Sure, you work out and get in great shape, but there’s a social side of things, too. You make friends, enjoy the social side of things, and still get jacked.


The Benefits of Group Training

Now, there’s a little more to it. After all, group training wouldn’t be the NEW thing - if there wasn’t more to it. So, let’s dive into the benefits of group training and see if this exhilarating fitness training is for you or not.

Here are four huge benefits of group training:


●      Proven Results


One of the best things about group training? You get to see the results of others. Many group fitness classes include people who have been training in the same group for years. You get to hear their stories and see the results.

For example, if you’re in a weight loss group training and you see someone who has lost tons of weight, you know the training works. This is motivating! You know if someone else has lost a ton of weight using the exact system you’re about to then it works.


Or maybe you’re in a group kickboxing class. You’re looking to increase flexibility and prevent injuries. After the first class, you talk with some others, and they relay their tales of success using kickboxing to achieve their fitness goal. Again, these are “proven” results and incredibly motivating.


●      A Support System


When you work out with other people, you have a support system to work with. You don’t have to do it yourself. When the going gets tough, you see your classmates pushing through, and you continue to push, too.


This is huge when you want to quit or give up. You’ll push through that last rep and get more done simply by working with other people. Personally, my favorite part of group training is the amazing support system I’ve found and the results I’ve achieved with them.


●      Accountability


Sometimes we want to throw on Netflix and snuggle up on the couch after a long day. Going to the gym sounds absolutely atrocious. Trust me; I’ve been there, too. It’s easy to skip a gym day here and there.


When you’re working in a group, you don’t skip. Because if you don’t show up, half a dozen people will be asking you about it for the next 72 hours. You’ll get texts, the group will wonder where you are, and you’ll get tired of making up excuses.


Group training helps you show up on days when binge watching Narcos sounds a million times better than working up a sweat. The accountability is incomparable and leads to achieving the fitness goals you deserve.


●      Just More Fun


Last, but certainly not least - group training is actually fun. You get to talk and joke around with people. You’re in a social mode, and the endorphins are flowing. You’ll make friends and develop a social circle to do more than get sweaty with.


As humans, we’re social creatures - no matter how much you claim to be an introvert. As such, adding a social element to training is always more fun. If you’re struggling to make the gym a habit, group training is sure to make things more enjoyable.


Get a Group & Get Going!


Don’t delay another day. Find the perfect fitness group for you and get in shape. Go to classes consistently and watch your fitness goals become a reality!


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